Garlic Bread

Lucca Ravioli planning template.


Thank you for looking at our web site! We are excited being able to show you what we do and all of the products that we cook ourselves or the items that we carry. Our fresh counters have many food items, lunch meat, cheeses, salads, etc. that you can enjoy without any preparation and we have the traditional and modern ingredients for your cooking. We buy our supplies with our customers in mind so they are authentic, high quality and priced for value. The traditional delicatessen, that we are, strives to supply you with, provisions, so you can create authentic meals which make up Italian home life.

We’ve enjoyed the diverse clientele that have come to our store, from near and far and for many different reasons. Our staff can assist you with finding the right ingredient for your recipes. We often can describe a dish and how it is prepared. Customers who love to cook and try out new recipes from cooking shows, the internet or in print find all their authentic or unusual ingredients in our store plus tips on how to use them

We’ve been on this corner since 1925 and have seen the reasons why people visit grow. It is what we sell and the staff but there is more. We welcome people to come in just to feel the atmosphere, like being in Italy. The map of Italy on the ceiling, created by Jennifer Ewing, functions everyday to show people where food comes from in Italy, where family comes from and to help plan vacations. We have an original collection of art and historical photographs that is an exhibit in it’s self. You are always welcome to join us in our store, hope to see you soon.


What’s for dinner?

We are currently photographing the subject photos, thank you for waiting.