Tomato Onion

The secret to Foccacia is to use the best fresh ingredients and put the olive oil in the dough and on top.


Party mini sandwiches: easy, fast and good any time.

"I've only tasted Foccacia this good and fresh in Genoa, Italy"

This is as authentic as you can get. We feature Liguria Bakery which has been baking in the same location, 1770 Stockton St. corner of Filbert in North Beach, since 1911. They only bake one thing, Foccacia, and half the trick is the quality of ingredients and the other is perfection in baking. If we could bake a better one we would!

Please call for special orders, minimum one day in advance, or at any time to have some held for you.

Special order is any quantity you need and for the special order only varieties of olives, raisin, plain (oil and salt only) or jalapeno with cheddar. Full sheets are 11″ x 16″ so the pieces on the counter are 8″ x 11″ or half sheets.

Our catering will cut and tray a selection for you. Please call in advance.




Tomato and onion is the classic and most popular Daily Tuesday thru Saturday


Call us for catering or just a tray of Foccacia. The most popular is tomato with some rosemary-garlic mixed in.


We list our other varieties and Special Order varieties on each Foccacia page for your convenience.


Rosemary-Garlic Daily Tuesday thru Saturday


Green Onion is available on Friday and Saturday or by special order.


Mushroom is available on Friday and Saturday or by special order.

Foccacia below is Special Order only.


Raisin is such a treat. Some where between a snack and dessert. Warmed in the morning with a little sweet butter and it is so good! True Italian soul food. Saturday and special order.




Plain, oil and salt only


Jalepeno A nice spicy treat with the cheese. Good all by it's self