Our specialty; tell us how you want yours sliced.


We have one of the largest inventories of Prosciutti. They come in whole and we prepare them ourselves for slicing. Is it just for eating, is it for wrapping, are you going to cook with it or do you want a particular chunk? Let us know how you want it sliced and we’ll take care of you. We offer Proscutto di Parma, and San Danielle. Speck is included here but see Spanish style for Jamon de Sarano. Send use an email if you have an unusual way of using it,

Whole Prosciuto is sold with a 10% discount.

Thank you for looking at our web site! We are excited being able to show you what we do and all of the products that we cook ourselves or the items that we carry. Our fresh counters have many food items, lunch meat, cheeses, salads, etc. that you can enjoy without any preparation and we have the traditional and modern ingredients for your cooking. We buy our supplies with our customers in mind so they are authentic, high quality and priced for value. The traditional delicatessen, that we are, strives to supply you with, provisions, so you can create authentic meals which make up Italian home life.



pro-parma-2 Impoted Italian Prosciutto Thank you for your patience while we work on our web site. Please come in or call us for information on what you are looking for.

pro-san-d-1 Impoted San Daniela Prosciutto.

pro-cotto-3 Prosciutto Cotto
Our Prosciutto related items.

pro-jamon-4 Jamon de Sarone.

pro-speck-5 Speck.