With real porcini mushrooms, so good you'll eat it with a spoon.


Our classic Bolognese, meat and porcini sauce, has the perfect balance of flavor and weight to compliment our meat or spinach ravioli. We roast our meat with herbs pepper and salt, sauté our onions with the Italian herb blend, soak the porcini and then with selected tomatoes simmer it all for up to six hours. It is a sauce that stands alone on top of pasta or you can add sausages or vegetables to make your own signature dish. Finish it with a sprinkle of Parmigiano Reggiano, always on sale here, and you will feel like you are eating in Tuscany.




sauces-bolognese-1 Our Bolognese, meat and porcini sauce, is cooked up to six hours for that true flavor. It freezes well and defrost quickly in the microwave or on the stove top for a quick lunch, dinner or side.

sauces-marinara-2 Marinara, the Mariners sauce, is cooked for four hours and is vegetarian. It is great as a base by it's self, to simmer your vegetables or as a start for your own sauce. We also use it for our meatballs and to bake chickens in the oven; dry versatile.

sauces-pesto-3 There is only one way to make pesto and that is how we make it. Fresh sweet basil that has been blanched, fresh garlic, pure Italian olive oil and a touch of salt. We do not add the pine nuts due to customer allergies but have them for sale. This is a classic by itself but so many customers love the cream sauce mixed with our pesto in equal amounts to mellow it out.

sauces-crema-italiana-4 Crema Italiana made in a double boiler and cooked ever so slowly. This rich sauce is so thick that a spoon will stand up in it, you have to thin it. It is wonderful with an equal amount of pesto, thinned with milk or with a rich chicken stock. Use it as a layer in your lasagna or mix it into your cannellone filling.

sauces-pesto-3 We have some great prices on key items as well as good value in the store. Our specials page and our sale items will list the best deals. Our buying power enables us to pass on low prices to our customers on key items on a continuous bases.We have selected a unique high quality lunch meat selection, especially the prociutti and imported cuts, that are well priced. The dry pasta variety is outstanding for those looking for the exact shape. We are a leader in Parmigiano Reggiano from Italy always cut fresh and on sale. Every area in the store has it's specialty.