Spanish Style

We selected for quality and true flavor.


We’ve had a lot of request from our Spanish customers so we carry several authentic salami, sausages and Jamon de Sarano. We’ve really grown to love them. The paprika sa;ami looks hot, very hot but it doesn’t have any heat but a nice herb paprika flavor. It’s red color adds a liveliness to our antipasto trays. Ask for a taste of this one. We also enjoy having the correct sausages for grilling or special dishes. The pictures and cooking suggestions are coming soon!

Thank you for looking at our web site! We are excited being able to show you what we do and all of the products that we cook ourselves or the items that we carry. Our fresh counters have many food items, lunch meat, cheeses, salads, etc. that you can enjoy without any preparation and we have the traditional and modern ingredients for your cooking. We buy our supplies with our customers in mind so they are authentic, high quality and priced for value. The traditional delicatessen, that we are, strives to supply you with, provisions, so you can create authentic meals which make up Italian home life.




Chorizo Bilbao Bilbao Brand, La Espanola Meats Harbor City, CA 16 oz


Chorizo Palacious Embutidos Palacios La Rioja, Spain 7.9 oz


Cebolla with Onions La Espanola Meats Harbor City, CA 8 oz