This is way too much fun; you'll have to try it!


This is one of the funnest things to do, come get your pizza dough and your next meal will be a party. People have been asking us for years to just sell our authentic dough and when we started we were amazed at how much we sell everyday! We have everything you need, the dough, pizza sauce, cheese and toppings from pesto to fresh mozzarella to sausages and more. let your imagination have fun. Create your own signature pizza or make it a new adventure every time. We even have pizza paddles, tools and sets in housewares.

When you get home leave the dough out for a half hour before rolling. Divide the dough into how many pizzas you want, three large or six small. It is nice to have your toppings out at room temperature also. Go easy on the sauce so the center cooks and then let everyone build their own pizza. A hot oven is best, 425 degrees, and it should take about ten minutes depending on your oven and how much liquid is on the pizza. small pizzas will be the size of a plate for individuals. It has been such a joy to hear what fun families have had and to hear about the pizza parties. We are looking for the best pizza party photo to put on this page so send us yous,



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