Ravioli Sheets

You have the fun and we do the work, what a deal.


We try to supply everything that our customers need for their cooking and this includes custom sheets of Ravioli dough wrapped in paper. We will make it for customers that come in between the hours of 9 am and 11 am. You have to have your filling ready at home because the dough is only workable for several hours. We do not take phone orders on this item, we can not roll the dough out in advance. The week before a major holiday we cannot make it so plan to make yours before. Check our Holiday schedule for exact days; any day that we are making our Holiday Ravioli we cannot also make the custom dough.

Our housewares department stocks many accessories for ravioli making so if you need an old fashion pasta cutter or a crimper we have them.



ravioli-dough-sheets Many customers have asked for our boxes but unfortunately we can not give them out. The best way is to place your ravioli on cookie sheets or plastic cutting boards then freeze them on the board. Once they are frozen hard place them in a solid plastic container that seals well. Always then take them straight from the freezer to the boiling water so they don't defrost and become sticky.

We sell the sheets in half tables, about 3' x 5', and full tables, 3' x 10'. We still make ravioli dough for our customers as a courtesy in order to help the home family tradition continue.