Have a great Easter, Buona Pasqua!


Easter Dove Cake-La Colomba is limited to quantity shipped.

All our Holiday treats are arriving. The banner is Balloco"s chocolate eggs with a free gift inside. Fun for the kids!

Natale con i tuoi, Pasqua con voui.


Lent begins February 14th, 2018.
We are the Baccala King! We are the biggest retail supplier and our special price is still $11.98. Case price, 40# case, is also 10% off for our lowest price. Come in early so you have time to soak it. Three quarters of our products are vegetarian and our Marinara is vegan so we are prepared for Lent.

Easter, Sunday April 1st. (Closed on Easter Sunday.)

Regular hours except Saturday opening at 8 am instead of 9 am.  Colomba and the Chocolate eggs will arrive mid March, fresh from Italy. Panettone is fresh and on sale now. We carry a full selection of Torrone and Panforte year round.

The traditional dishes for Easter include artichokes, asparagus, fava beans, fresh greens, lamb, lasagna, baked pasta, ravioli, tortellini, polpetti (meat balls) Insalata de polpo (octopus salad), pecorino cheese and don’t forget the lemons.

Pasquetta, little Easter is Monday April 2nd, 2018. With spring in bloom and wonderful fresh air it is perfect for a picnic in the park. Come see us for all the salads, bread, lunch meat, olives etc. for a great time.

Our catering department will be preparing all our menu items.

Remember, call us early for your holiday orders.



edited-easter-artichokes A Lucca Ravioli hint is make sure your pantry is well stocked a week or more before a Holiday or special event. It's the season for fried artichokes. Do you have enough olive oil, grated cheese and sea salt to make this dish? When your pantry is full all you have to buy is the artichokes.

baccala image 150 x100 Allow at least three days of soaking with several changes of water each day. Baccala is traditionally cook with other foods that need salt such as potatoes or tomatoes. All South America and the Latin countries of Europe eat Baccala so there are hundreds of different dishes.

edited-pic-3-easter The funnest thing to do is make a lasagna for Easter. You can buy fresh pasta from us or use your favorite dry pasta. We have all the ingredients. Be creative and add something to the layers, eggplant, zucchini, lamp, rabbit, grilled tofu, or sausage meat just remember that it should be cooked and very little water. Don't have time to cook it then come in and buy some ravioli and sauce from us or let our catering department prepare ravioli or lasagna for you to take home

Easter eggs 2017

The Easter Chocolate Eggs will arrive fresh two to three weeks prior to Easter. Limited to quantity on hand and they are shipped to us once only.


We have so many holiday treats that we sell for holidays and most of them year round.


Don't forget to call us to reserve foccacia or for catering such as making a lasagne just for you.