Hard to find items

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Our store is jam packed with interesting cooking items.

To cook those authentic Italian dishes you need some quality ingredients but some of them are hard to find. We try to have on hand items that you won’t find any other place. We also keep track of what our customers are asking for so we can search for them.

We’ve enjoyed the diverse clientele that have come to our store, from near and far and for many different reasons. Our staff can assist you with finding the right ingredient for your recipes, helping you with a dish and how it is prepared. Customers who love to cook and try out new recipes from cooking shows, the internet or in print find all their authentic or unusual ingredients in our store.

Below is a selection of some of the items that fit into this category. There are so many more that we could include here. Please call us to find out if we carry or can get that special item for you.




LRC Hard Argentina

We have a large selection of Argentina products. There is an Argentina wine section, a yerba mate section, dulce de leche and frozen empanada dough to name a few. Don't forget that during BBQ season we have a great selection of sausages.

LRC Hard bacala

We are the Bacala King. Whether you need one piece or 40 pound cases we have it at our discounted price. Buy early so you have time to soak it.

LRC Hard baslamico

Our selection includes the youngest to the oldest balsamic. Special super aged available upon request.

LRC Hard bottarga

Bottarga comes in 115 gr.(1/4lb.) packages and we usually have several in stock. Call us if you need a particular type or size.

LRC Hard brioschi

Brioschi has been around for generations. So many customers tell us how they played with it when they were a child by putting a piece on their tongue.

LRC Hard capperberries

Caperberries are the fruit of the caper. Non-Pareil is before the flower has opened and capote is the flower just starting to open. We also have capers in salt.

LRC Hard cheese grater

This is the old fashion wash board cheese grater. Very limited supply since it is no longer being made.

LRC Hard conch baby

Baby conch or Scungilli. We have no idea how this got into Italian cooking but there are several really good pasta dishes with it.

LRC Hard farro

Farro is the ancient wheat with the hull. It makes a wonderful Tuscan soup and other dishes.

LRC Hard fregula

Fregola is a semolina pasta rolled and toasted from Sardegna. The most famous dish is Fregola con Arselle, made with clams and fish stock.

LRC Hard panettone

We try to have fresh Panettone from Italy year round so we included it here. September is the most difficult time.

LRC Hard pasta con sarde

Pasta con Sarde is a very traditional dish of southernItaly. this is very hard to find. We enjoy it best by adding more sardines.

LRC Hard pasta cuts

Pasta cuts are so important because every sauce has it's particular cut of pasta that goes with it and we have so many. There is more to pasta than just spaghetti!

LRC Hard Saba

Saba is a unique dressing made from cooked down must.

LRC Hard sardines salted

Sardines salted is the best or only way to enjoy them. You can actually get more salt out of these than canned ones and a better flavor.

LRC Hard Spanish general

Spanish products offer true ingredients for our customers who wantocok those authentic dishes.

LRC Hard squid ink

Squid ink is invaluable for those specific dishes such as Venetian rice. It adds a delicate sweet flavor. Warning this stuff is incredibly strong!

LRC Hard squid ink pasta

Squid ink black pasta is made by us most of the time. It's delicate sweet flavor goes really well with fish , particularly scallops.

LRC Hard Truffle oil

Truffle oil is the way to go. We love the Urbani White for it's expansive flavor.

LRC Hard vin santo

Vin santo by Villa Vetrice has been a great buy for years. The limited 1995 supply is all most gone.